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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekly Reading: Tuesday, November 8th

Good Morning Students! Now that OGT's are over, it is time to get back into the weekly readings!

This is a crazy story right here...Click on the link below

Giant asteroid to pass close to Earth Tuesday

1. What do you think about this story?

2. What if NASA were wrong? Do you think our country would be prepared for such an impact?


  1. The story was interesting because it is weard that the asteroid will miss Earth.

    If NASA where wrong, I don't think that our country would be prepared for such an impact because we would not know what to do far as where to go and what we need to bring.

  2. i think the story is crazy.
    no i don't think that the world would be ready. if it passes that good but if it hits i don't know what i would or could do.

  3. 1.I Think The Story Was Brazy. But i Liked It Doe It It was Cool. 2.What IF THE NASA WAS WRONG THEN THEY JUST WAS WRONG ITS NOT GOIN TO HAPPIN.WILL ARE COUNTRY BE PREPARED NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. An asteroid passing "close" to earth (202,000 miles away) is something cool to know but I think certain people are exaggerating the gravity of the situation. It would be a different story if 2005 YU55 were 20k miles; if this were the case, the world would be in a tremendous world of hurt. The only concern I'd have (and it's a really minute concern) is if smaller rocks were to break off from the mass; this happening would impose a greater risk to humanity.

    Now, on another note, let us assume that NASA is wrong and this giant rock were to hit earth or even graze earth's surface moving as fast as it is, anyone and anything in the vicinity of the asteroid's path would be, for lack of a better word, screwed. This is the sort of thing I don't believe our world plans for; what could we do? It's unfortunately something that we'd have to evaluate once it happened and then realize a plan of action to alleviate the distress.

  5. 1. I think it gives the people alot of good informaton and i liked it.

    2. If NASA were wrong im not to sure that we would be prepared of such an impact because we would not know how to act or were to go to be safe

  6. 1. This really scares me. What if it really did hit?

    2. What could we really do to plan for this? NASA has highly trained individuals that our country depends on-so I put my trust in them.

  7. 1. This article was way too real for me..scare but cool too.

    2. NASA knows what to do and plans for these things. If it did end up hitting, there really wouldn't be much we could do.

  8. This story is intersecting but I don't think it will hit Earth.
    If NASA was wrong than their wrong ..... But no I don't believe that the world will be prepared for such an impact like this.!

  9. If it hit Earth I would be really worried and scared. It could be dangerous for earth and affect a lot. I hope it doesn't hit.

    I will be happy after 6:30 tonight.

  10. 1. I thought this article was very interesting due to the rumors of 2012. It sort of shines a little light on things in a way.

    2. If the Asteroid were to hit and NASA was wrong, people in the general vicinity would be utterly screwed, cause i' m pretty sure there is no such thing as Asteroid insurance. Also i' m hoping NASA would be correct on their calculations, because they get payed for things like this.

  11. Students, thank you for sharing your responses. As always, I enjoy hearing what you have to say. Keep sharing your voice!