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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekly Reading: Thursday, October 20th

Good Morning Students.

Please read the following article. It occurred in Zanesville, Ohio and has become national news.

Answer the following questions:
1. Do you agree with what happened to the animals? Why or why not?
2. Do you think there should be stricter regulations for owning exotic animals?

Share Your Voice--Make sure you answer both questions and explain your opinion.


  1. i don't agree with happened to the animals they have people who is not scared to work with the animals that could have caught them. that's why most of are animals are gone now. i think they should put the animals where they are original from.

  2. What they did to the animals was wrong all they had to do was get them back into their cages

  3. When the animals are that close to reaching humans they don't really have a choice. Tigers can travel up to 20-40 miles a day and eat about 60 pounds of meat in a "sitting" for them. Another wet cold dark rainy day and something a lot more serious could have come from this. I agree that it was wrong to kill the animals, especially the endangered ones but no one knew anything about these guys. They could have had any disease and they were completely untamed. There is just so much that people are not taking into consideration. Lets just be glad that all our pets and children are safe out in Zanesville.

  4. I think they did the right thing for the protection of the people who live in the community. The lawmakers need to come up with a better plan to help with a situation like this but I do not think they should prohibit people from owning these exotic animals.

  5. I think it was horribly wrong what the police did to the animals. How could anyone think that was ok to kill the exotic animals? It is cruel and it really upsets me.

    I don't think the man should have been allowed to have the animals either. They need to be in the wild or in an environment that they can run freely.

  6. I agree with what you all have stated. Killing the animals was not the best solution. Crystal is right when she said that we just needed to get the animals back into the cages. Why would they find killing them to be the answer?

    Yes, it put the community members in danger, however there are other ways this could have been solved.

    I do not think Mr. Thompson should have been allowed to have the animals legally. I find that to be unjust for the animals and an unsafe environment for all. I believe that there will be stricter regulations and rules put on owning exotic animals because of this tragic event.

    Thank you all for sharing.

  7. I agree Ms. Mutz.

    I love animals and this makes me really angry. They should not have died. I think the policemen should be punished for this because it is a crime. Anyone that disagrees, is mistaken. These were exotic animals...we need to protect them, not kill them.

  8. I can see both sides to the story.
    1. The animals should not have been killed because they are exotic and deserve to live.
    2. The people in the town were put in danger. Something had to be done quickly before it broke into mass chaos.

    In regards to owner of the animals, he should not have had the right to have them.

  9. I think it was wrong for the police to kill the animals. For one thing, Bengal Tigers are on the endangered species list, and killing one is a crime. But of course, because it was "law enforcement" that murdered almost 50 animals, there won't even be charges pressed. Hmm......I wonder how many years a normal person would sit in jail for this. That just goes to show how bad our government is.

    I think that the only people that should be allowed to own exotic animals are the ones that run wildlife sanctuaries and zoos so things like this don't happen anymore. I don't think other people should have access to animals like this. Apparently all it leads to is the murder of beautiful creatures that deserve to be in their natural habitats any ways.