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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekly Reading: Tuesday, October 4th

Check out the Columbus Dispatch and find an article that interests you or what you find to be important.

What is the article about?

What are the main issues?

Why is this important?

Please write a paragraph or two explaining your thoughts.


  1. I read about the Amanda Knox trial that was covered yesterday. I think it is great she has been freed and cleared and found not guilty for the crime she was convicted of.

    This is an important issue that other students should be aware of because it is a current event going on in our news. It also asks the question of whether justice was served.

  2. I read about the OSU Buckeyes and how two players have been suspended for the Nebraska game. I do not like this because I want OSU to win and it will make it difficult without these players again.

    The main issue is that the players are not following the rules placed upon them. However, it is not just the players, but rather community members and OSU administration that are not following rules.

    It is important for others to know about because living in Columbus all should know about how it affects the city and the players.

  3. I read about the article that was making surfing a sport in high schools in Hawai. I think this is awesome! It is cool that the students there can participate in a sport that is part of there cultur.

    This is not a very important issue, but I think it is cool that the students will have something they like a lot. That is important in schools.

  4. I agree with the comment above about Amanda Knox. I saw a movie on it and it was neat to hear that she was freed and not guilty. I didn't think she was guilty anyways.

    It is important because it is part of our world events and issues. I think the country was wrong the way they kept her without evedence.

  5. I Read , " Woman charged in boyfriend's stabbing death "

    The article was about a 40 year old women who admitted to killing her boyfriend .

    The main issues are the crime rate going up in Ohio . Things like that seem to be happening more often .

    Its important because it helps people be aware of their surroundings . They can be more careful in their relationships and who they choose to be in a relationship with . The crime rate going up also shows that people need to be alot more careful .

  6. The article about Ohio State Buckeyes and how two players are suspended. The main issue is that they was supposed to be back and got suspended again. It is important because the Ohio state and Michigan game is coming up and we need to beat Michigan and we need our players to play the game.

  7. A student who was raped last year in a restroom at Columbus State Community College delivered a message of forgiveness when she faced her attacker yesterday in a Franklin County courtroom.

    the man raping her and she basely said its okay.

    i think it is important because she said that god told her to say that. but u will always live with what happened. u will never forget that.

  8. The Columbus City Council has been approved to use money from the casino for the nation wide arena.. but the council president ejected Republican revival for speaking out of turn...

  9. You all bring up some very important issues that are going on not only in Columbus, but around the world as well.

    It is important to keep up with current events so you are aware of what is going on in our city and country.

    Please let me know of any other articles/issues you would like to further discuss. I really enjoy hearing your voice!

  10. i read about the power plant in Texas that caught on fire. I saw it on the news last night and couldn't believe the amount of fire and explosions.

    My question is whether it damaged anything near by and weather the people are ok.

    It is important because it has happened right in our country.

  11. I read about the bomb threat over at Granvile school because I have a friend that lives out there. I can't believe someon threatned to bomb the school.

    I don't think I would go to school if that happened here because people are crazy.

    It is important to know because things like that shouldnt be goin on.

  12. I'm reading about a man Named Clifford Chase he was 56 and he got arrested last Thursday for pornographic images on a computer that Chase had dropped off for repair. Chase was charged with pornography involving a juvenile and is being held in the Bossier Parish Maximum Security Facility. he served 25years in prison and he is released form an Ohio prison. he was 19 when he did this Crime back in February of 1974. then later he killed his family.

    This is Important for the others because this could be one of use that he did this to so kids have to be very careful of the pictures that they post cause they can get around just like this young Child's pictures did. If this man wasn't in jail the streets wouldn't be safe cause he killed his family. He lost his mind.