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-Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Happy Fitness Day at Focus!! Today is our second session for our Fitness Class and today we will explore how to stay active without needing a fancy gym membership or weights.

 Click on the link below to read the article for today's session and then answer the questions below!

1. Have you used any of the excuses mentioned in the article? Be honest! Why do you think we make excuses for ourselves when we want to be in better shape?

2. What is your fitness goal? What types of exercises can you do during the week? Start thinking of a plan for yourself that you can implement soon. Please list your ideas/plan below. I want to hear what you are thinking of.


  1. I know I have made several excuses for myself regarding exercising. One of my biggest excuses is, "I don't have time!" However, there is always time!! Even if it is 10-20 minutes there is always time available to take care of your body and health. It is easy to make excuses because we don't want to take the time to do it!!

    2. One of my fitness goals is to become active, in something, every day! Instead of going in spurts of working out every other week, it is my goal to do something each day. This way I have more energy and get into the habit of working out every day! It takes about 25-30 days to form a habit, so once I reach that, I am good to go!

  2. We make excuses because we want to look good but we don't want to do the work. My goal is to get fit and stay fit. I can walk for 30 mins a day.

  3. yes I have use these excuses i make excuses becuase i dont want to do it and I don't like it.

    my fitness goal is to start getting heatlhy and losing weight i plan to workout today.

  4. 1. When it comes to getting fit, I often find myself making excuses. Sometimes, I'm too tired, too lazy or just not in the mood to exercise. However, once I go to the gym or exercise, I always feel so much better about myself! I sleep better and notice that my mood improves also.

    2. My biggest fitness goal is just to become more active. I would like to keep a regular schedule and get a good work out in about 3-4 times per week. Once I do this, I know I will feel so much better about myself and start to notice my body changing for the better.

  5. A big thing of mine is time. If I ever do have time and there is someone else around, I wont do it because I'm scared I'll look silly. But when there is no one around I have in the past month been doing some simple exercises and sometimes when I'm alone with the kids I like to make a game of it and include them. I have not tried lifting caned goods but I have done milk jugs. The exercises that I like to do are the ones I've learned from Mr. Shope's class. I get down in a push up position and lay on my front with my fore arms and lift my butt. Sounds silly but I hold that for as long as i can. (about a minute and a half) I do that on both sides also for about 50 seconds. Then I like to put my feet on the couch in a sit up position and lift my butt up. I can do those all day haha. Simple stuff that's really fun to do with the kids so you don't look so silly.

  6. My biggest excuse is not having enough time. When I get home all I want to do is relax before I go baby sit. I have not used canned goods, but I have done milk jugs in the past. Some exercises that I like to do are really simple and I learned them from Mr. Shope. My favorite is to put my feet on the couch while laying on the floor, and lifting up my mid section. I could do those all day. My goal is gonna be to do at least some kind of work out every day. I love playing my Xbox kinect but sometimes I feel that there is just not enough hours in the day. The Xbox really gets me sweating especially that water raft game where you are CONSTANTLY moving. So I'm gonna set an hour to play that game every day. It's fun and gets your legs going. :) Another goal is to start doing those simple exercises with the kids. Make a game out of it. It sounds like fun and I wont look so silly.

  7. The main excuse I use is that I have nobody to exercise with. Its so much easier to have somebody there with you to push you and I just don't have that.

    My fitness goal is to do something everyday that will help me form a nice habit. I want to be able to exercise with out having someone with me.

  8. No I havent used any of the exercise menthoids. We use excuses cause we are lazy. I also be tired and not ready. We keep calling it off.

    My fitness goal is to drink water and walk alot. I can walk during the week and eat healthy. Im going to eat more and drink water and do healthier things.

  9. Great job girls! I enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to working with you more! Keep staying active, setting goals and working to be the best you can be!