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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weekly Reading: Thursday, September 1st

Depending on what article you chose to read, please answer the questions below. And as always, remember to Share Your Voice!

1. CNN Article: Mentally ill sisters
The family states, "All that we have in this place is be bound is better than to be killed." Do you agree with how the family confined the sisters? Or do you find them to be completely in the wrong?

2. Columbus Dispatch Article: Abortion vote in 2012?
This has been an ongoing debate for decades, but what do you think about the recent proposal of outlawing abortion?

3. Struck By Lightning: A teen's life changed in a flash!
Do you feel that your life would change if you experienced what Justin has? Would you start to view things differently? If so, what? Share your thoughts. 

*Make sure you include which article you read in your post! Thanks :)


  1. my article was the abortion vote in 2012. I think that abortion should most definitely be outlawed in most situations if a girl is pregnant then its her fault that innocent child didn't ask to be conceived. but then of course there are girls that get rapped and end up pregnant and of course most girls in a rap situation doesn't want to keep the child as a constant reminder of what happened because they have so much hate for the person there afraid they might be mean to the child which i understand if they wouldn't want to keep it but instead of aborting it they could give it up for adoption because there are plenty of woman that can't have children and would take care of it . so in conclusion i most definitely think that abortion should be outlawed there are plenty of other solution rather then taking a innocent childs life before it even starts

  2. Cameron Wallace-SmithSeptember 1, 2011 at 7:06 AM

    Abortion vote in 2012?

    I can't imagine why anyone would think abortion is okay! Let me be clear; Life begins at conception not birth! That said, you could compare abortions to murder. You are ending a life. No matter the circumstances, they cannot be that bad as to end a life. Although, people want to have this legalized, I firmly believe that it'll be banned outright in the near future. It doesn't make sense to me! Abortion=Murder. Murder=Prison...right?

  3. I think Abortion should be illegal; Because Abortion is wrong .. The only time i would consider Abortion is when the female was raped- that's the only time i would consider Abortion.

  4. Abortion.
    I feel that they should not be allowed to get abortions beacuse that is a human inside of them.If they get abortion then they need to do it befor the 1st heart beat.Once it has a heart beat it is considered a living human.I would never in my life get abortion because you took the time to lay down knowing what could happen so therfor it is your responsiabilty to take care of it an love it.When it comes time to vote i hope everybody vote to make it illegal in columbus ohio an every where else. Having abortion is like murder i think

  5. i read the article on the mentally ill sisters and i think if they are mentally ill they shouldn't be chained and confined to a room however they are mentally ill so maybe they should be confined to a room i don't know but thats kind of like taking a newborn baby and leaving it in a crib all day and night you have to feed, clothe and tend to them when they need it they can't do it themselves as the sisters can't do it for themselves but the whole family was mentally ill with only one person tending to them all they should have had help with them all maybe a friend or a family member could've helped

  6. i think that family is sick. but still they showed love even if it wasn't right. i'm sure they do love the girls but still its wrong. this sick world is all nothing but hate but it shows some people do love there family at the cost of hurting them but that would be to much for me to do i couldn't bare to hear the screams of pain echoing.even if there just trying to protect them its still wrong. god have mercy on there poor souls.

  7. Struck By Lightning A teen's life changed in a flash
    Yes I would fell that my life would change if I experienced what Justin has? Yes I would start to view things differently I would be careful about getting struck by lightning.

  8. I think abortion is wrong, although I believe under very rare circumstances it's justifiable.

  9. My article was the abortion vote. I think that abortions are one of the worst things legal. To me abortions are the saddest things to do because I don't see how anybody could kill their own baby. If you knew that you weren't going to be able to take care of the baby then you shouldn't have got pregnant. I would never take a innocent child's life away.