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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today's Topic: Fast-Food Facts That May Change Your Eating Habits

Read the following article about fast-food facts and then respond to the questions. Be honest in your answers for it will help you evaluate how you eat each day and whether or not you should make any changes.

1. What are your thoughts on these frightening facts about fast food? What do you think it says about the health of Americans?

2. Do you eat a lot of fast-food? What do you feel are the main reasons people eat fast-food? Is it cost efficient? Taste? Or the simplicity and convenience of it? Or perhaps it is all of these reasons combined. Explain your answer. 

3. As the weeks progress and we have had our class discussion, are there any goals that you have set that you have been working towards? Anything you want to change/improve? Or do you feel that you are satisfied and happy with your health at this time. Explain. 

Keep Up the Great Work Girls! Ms. Jones and I are proud of you!


  1. 1. I think a lot of these facts are scary. One main reason is we are unaware of what we are putting in our bodies! I am at fault of this at times too.

    2. I try to really avoid fast food, however I am human. I feel that the convenience and quick factor play a role in why I get fast food at times. Usually I am always on the go, so it something quick and easy is what I look for. Usually it is difficult to find a healthy option as quick and convenient, however we can all spare time to make good decisions for our health.

    3. It has been great talking with you ladies and hearing your thoughts/inputs on healthy choices. This is a lifelong lesson that you should take with you. Always respect your body and find ways to stay healthy.

  2. 1. I am really not surprised about all of these facts except one, that obesity is the second biggest reason for death after smoking. That is really just insane.
    2. Potato chips are my worst just because I am not always around a fast food restaurant and its easier to just snack. People eat fast food simply because it is fast. when your running around to pay bills pick the kids up, get gas, and on your way home to clean your house no one likes to cook after all that. So pull in get some nuggets and fries and call it a day. That's how I think of it. I personally have a thing for Wendy's. Is Probably the only fast food I really like. I like that everything tastes fresh and it tastes SO SO SO much more real than McDonald's.
    3. A goal that I have set is to stop eating potato chips all the time. On average if I have any money or even change I get 3-4 bags a day. Its disgusting and just too much for someone to eat a day. At one point there were about two days where that was all I ate. I would fill up on them before dinner and wouldn't eat anything else.

  3. 1. I think this is really scary. I feel it gives America and American's a bad reputation.

    2. I do eat fast food, but do not eat it every day. I do feel like I could cut back for sure.
    3. Maybe a goal I could have is to cut back on fast food. Stop eating it every other day and limit it to 2-3 times a week.