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-Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekly Blog: Tuesday, December 13

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Please share your thoughts on the Christmas Holiday? Do you enjoy Christmas? Why/Why not?
What does Christmas mean to you? Is it about presents or family?


  1. Christmas to me is just about being with family. I dont normally get a ton of presents, but I get to see cousins and family. It is nice to get gifts tho.

  2. I like giving gifts to my is cool to see them excited. I dont have a lot of family but i spend time with my mom and her boyfriend.

    Family time is the most important thing.

  3. Christmas is about waking up in the morning with excitement and spirit. It is the one day of the year when people should all be happy and thankful. I hope to get something good this year.

  4. I used to love Christmas,but now i dont since my mom died. Christmas to me means spending time with love ones but when the one you love the most isnt here anymore kinda changes a lot in life.