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-Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekly Writing Prompt

What is your favorite thing about Fall? Please write more than one word. Be descriptive!


  1. my favorite thing about fall is when the leaves fall and turn a different color like green,and red them color are pretty.what that been said fall is my favorite because the tree turn different colors

  2. My favorite thing about fall is what is in the picture the different leave colors and pumpkin season. I think it is a relaxing season.

  3. my favorite part of fall like everyone else said is the pretty leafs and all the colors and the weather is very nice and i love Halloween and soup. fall will be especially fun this year cause my son will be big enough that he understands thing better now and he will love tricker treating and playing in leaves and going to pick out his first pumpkin cause it will be all new experiences for him so i think we will love fall a lot more this year but fall has always been the prettiest season to me.

  4. my favorite thing about fall is all the leafs and halloween and dressing up.